how to know if your car has a gps tracker

The technology of GPS tracking indeed is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. Think about it? Isn’t it just incredible that you can monitor your car’s speed, ignition and even tell where it’s headed or where it’s parked?

This does not only add convenience; in fact, it also gives you a sense of security that you need for the protection of your vehicle. Nowadays, there are car lifters and thieves worldwide, and you have to be very careful about where you park your car when you take it out. And, that’s why a GPS tracker is very important for your vehicle.

However, when you have a GPS vehicle tracking system installed, there won’t be any such things to worry about, and you’ll be able to enjoy wherever you are without thinking about your car’s security.

How To Know If Your Car Has A Tracker?

Above, we were talking about a GPS tracking system that you install with your own will. However, there are cases in which a spy or a stalker can put a tracker on your car without you even knowing about it.

And he’ll be able to get all the information about where you are going and where your vehicle is. This can be dangerous, and of course, no one would want such spying, which is why you must learn where a tracker can be installed on your car and how to check if you have one.

There are certain places where a GPS tracking system can be installed. For example, if you want to examine your car, start with a physical inspection of your vehicle, most notably the car’s wheel wells. Therefore, you should also keep your car under your notice. Any unwanted activity can make you regret it later.

If there is no tracker in the wheel, you should also check underneath your car with a mirror on a pole. Check below the bumpers and see on both sides. It’s not challenging to locate a tracker if you are concentrating.

As far as the interior is concerned, you should be checking areas like the one where you light up your cigarette. Check if there’s a tracker behind it or look below your dashboard. In short, you should inspect the areas that aren’t properly visible to you, as that’s where a spy would put a tracker.

Where Is GPS Tracker Installed In a Car?

GPS tracking devices are the new talk of the town because of the benefits with which they come. Nowadays, it’s quite common for people to worry about the car lifters lurking around and lifting or stealing their cars.

These lifters have grown more intelligent with time, and they do have the kind of knowledge they need to unlock a vehicle without keys and drive it away. It’s simple for them to change the number plate and drive it someplace where no one can find it.

On the other hand, this can be devastating, especially for someone who just bought his dream car or some luxury car that he cannot even think about losing.

In such a situation, the best thing to do and the best place to invest in is a GPS tracking device. These devices are easily available in the market and online stores. You can buy one and install it in your car to keep a check on it and monitor your vehicle in the best possible way.

Now that you know the power and use of a GPS tracking system, you might wonder where it’s installed. If yes, then stick with us a little longer because we will explain that to you too.

The Front Bumper

The first place to check is the front bumper of your car. This is the best location to install your device, but it depends on your car’s design and the bumper’s shape. If you think that’s where your device can be hidden, you should go for it.

The Wheel Wells

This place is not quite popular to put a GPS tracking device, but it’s impossible to place one here. The reason why it’s not the ideal place is that first, it’s quite visible, and it won’t be “hidden” anymore if that’s what you are looking forward to. Second of all, as it’s on the outside, there can be a lot of damage to your device.

The Dashboard

For this, you require physical access to the inside of the car, but it will be the best location to install the device if it’s yours. The best part about this place is that it will be hidden as no one can quickly tell if you have a GPS tracker installed under the dashboard, right?

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How to Find GPS Tracker In Your Car?

You might have got an idea by now that the tracker device is carefully installed in a safe place. Where no one can easily find it. However, if someone else has installed a tracker inside your car, and you don’t know where it is. Then it can get problematic. Stay with us to find out how to find a GPS tracker.

Know What You Are Finding

First, and most important step is to know what you are looking for. A GPS tracker is a very small device usually. All of them have different build and look, according to their manufacturers.

Furthermore, there are quite a few types of GPS car trackers. Magnetic Tracker is one of its types. This type of tracker is usually attached to the metal part of the car through its magnet.

Generally speaking, do some research on GPS trackers. That way, you’ll know what you are looking for.

Search The Exterior

Now that you know, what is GPS tracker, How it works, and how does it looks. It’s time to start searching for it. Grab your flashlight, and start inspecting the exterior of the car.

If a third-party has installed a GPS tracker in your car, it’s most likely going to be on the exterior. Since installing a tracker on the interior takes some time.

  • Check the front and rear of the wheels and try to feel it with your hand. If there’s some unwanted device or piece attached to any part of your car’s wheels, you can quickly tell it’s a tracker. Like we have mentioned before, a magnet tracker is most likely to be installed on a metal part of your car’s wheel. Try to have a look with a flashlight, and use your hands to inspect the unseeable parts.
  • If you cannot find any tracker device in the wheels, you should also check underneath your car with a mirror on a pole. Check below the bumpers and see on both sides. Try to inspect every part under the car using your hand if possible. As we all know that the undercarriage of the car is dirty. Try to give extra focus on that part, because the dirt beneath the car may hide the tracker from sight. That’s why we’ve recommended inspecting it with hands if possible.
  • Another place where you may find a GPS tracker is under its hood. Life the hood up, and start inspecting. Check if there is something not usual. Check the hood of the car itself. Someone might have carefully attached a magnetic tracker under the hood of your car. Check the engine of the car carefully as well. However, a tracker is unlikely to be installed in a high-temperature area, since most of these devices have plastic exterior. However, you should still check it to make sure.

Search The Interior

It takes some time to install a car tracker in the interior of the car. And, you need some privileges to install it in the interior. However, you never know. That’s why it is best if you check the interior as well.

  • Check for small boxes around the data port on the dashboard. Some tracking devices are easy plug-n-play. Someone might have installed a tracker on your data ports.
  • Take your flashlight and try checking under all the seats of your car. It is the most general location, and easiest to install and hide tracker. Be sure to check all the sides, and below the car’s seat carefully.
  • Check the wiring of the cars. Especially near the steering wheel or under the dashboard. Someone might have given a battery connected to the tracker device through wires. Carefully check the wires, and if you find unusual wire connections, be sure to inspect them.

If you don’t have a good understanding of the car’s wires and engine. Then it is recommended that you consult a car mechanic. He can inspect the car effectively to find any tracker installed in the car. It can be the person, who maintains, tune, or repair your car.

What To Do If Someone Has GPS Tracker Installed In Your Car?

If you find a GPS tracker installed in your car without you knowing. Then, first of all, do not panic. There are several ways, several entities can install a GPS tracker inside your car.

For example, Cars taken from bank lease. In such cases, the bank wants to keep their car secure until the payments are completed. You cannot remove that tracker without the consent of your bank or provider.

However, if you completely own the car. And, still found a GPS tracker. Then feel free to remove it. That’s because someone else might have installed it to keep track of your activities. If you are still not sure, you can also report to your nearest Police Station and get their advice and assistance.

On the other side, if you cannot find a GPS tracker inside your car. And, you are sure it has one. Then you should immediately contact professionals for their assistance. Such as a good tracking services provider company. Since they provide people with GPS tracking services; therefore, they know where a GPS tracker might be installed.

Using AlphaTrack Services

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