How GPS Tracking System Works?

how gps tracking system works

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is a combination of Hardware & software that keeps your vehicle safe & secure under your control at your fingertips. This is all that you need to take, to protect your car.

Alpha Track is a leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Company taking care of your vehicles, and your loved ones. We know the value of your loved ones for you so keep your vehicles safe and secure with Alpha Track.

Before knowing about the GPS Vehicle Tracking System in detail, we should know what is GPS.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System this is the technology through which we can track anything anywhere around the globe. It is a combination of approximately 27 satellites around our earth in space with different orbit locations, which are transmitting signals to different receivers placed in different countries.

The collaboration of signals transmitted by satellites is able to provide data about the location of any device equipped with a GPS receiver system the format of data packets sent by satellite is in latitude & Longitude often known as Coordinates of any location.

Now coming towards GPS Vehicle Tracking System. It is an entrenched arrangement that is used for tracking and positioning any vehicle by using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for mobile communication (GSM). The vehicle tracking system consists of two major parts, Hardware & Software.

Hardware is a small electronic device equipped with built-in memory storage & an emergency battery back and a GSM SIM card installed in the vehicle which transmits signals through GPRS-3G-4G data modes.

This combination permits the owner of the vehicle to track the vehicle with live real-time location of his/her vehicle 24/7 with so many other options which include the real-time speed, latitude and longitude (The Coordinates of the vehicle), Engine kill & release, Fuel monitoring, and a lot more features are now available in GPS Vehicle Tracking System this all is done on Alpha Track Software which has web versions & Application on IOS & Android.

How does GPS Vehicle Tracking work?

As we discussed above the main components of a GPS vehicle Tracking System are Hardware & software, Hardware is a small device installed and hidden inside the vehicle connected to the main power coming from the battery. The hardware performs two main communicational functions.

  1. Communication with Satellite
  2. Communication with GSM Towers

While communicating with the Satellite, the Alpha Track GPS Tracking Device shares the exact location of the vehicle in the shape of Latitude & Longitude, after determining the latitude & longitude.

The Alpha Track GPS Tracking Device shares the data with GSM towers via 4G connectivity the fastest mode of wireless communication available. Tower then routes the information to our dedicated & secured server where our state-of-the-art software analyzes the coming data from the device and performs required calculations then decodes all data into a pre-described format for presentation to the view or owner of the vehicle. You can easily understand the functionality with the help of the picture given below.

Major communication is done between the following components:

  1. The satellite with Alpha Track GPS Tracking Device (Hardware)
  2. Alpha Track GPS Tracking Device (Hardware) Communicates with GSM Mobile Towers and from the Tower, to the Hardware is a two-way communication process.
  3. GSM Mobile tower communicates with Alpha Track dedicated server and from servers to the tower
  4. Then Server communicates and decodes all the information via state-of-the-art Alpha Track Tracking Software which enables the information available to the owner via Alpha Track Web Links or Alpha Track Application for Android & IOS.

The Flow of Information & how the Alpha Track GPS Tracking System Works can be better understood with the help of the following diagram.

Salient Features of Alpha Track Tracking System which makes it a Reliable & Leading Tracking Company:

  • State of the Art Software & Hardware
  • 24/7 dedicated Helpline & Customer Support Real-Time Tracking
  • SMS Alerts
  • Engine Kill & Release Via Mobile Application
  • Geo Fences with call alert.

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