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Faisalabad, known as the “Manchester of Pakistan” due to its industrial significance, is a bustling city teeming with activity. Amidst its vibrant atmosphere, vehicle safety is highly important. With increasing traffic congestion and the looming threat of car theft, residents of Faisalabad seek solutions to safeguard their automobiles.

Car trackers offer a smart and affordable way to address these concerns. In a city renowned for its textile industry and rich cultural heritage, vehicle security becomes not just a necessity but a vital component of daily life.

Let’s explore the significance of car trackers in Faisalabad and how AlphaTrack can ensure the safety of your vehicle in this industrious city.

Car Tracker Price in Faisalabad


PKR 14,000 Only

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)



PKR 18,000 Only

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)


PKR 24,000 Only

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

Why Car Trackers are Essential in Faisalabad?

Faisalabad’s busy streets, characterized by heavy industrial and commercial activities, pose challenges for vehicle owners. Traffic congestion, coupled with the risk of car theft, necessitates effective security measures.

AlphaTrack’s advanced car tracking systems provide a beacon of assurance for Faisalabad’s residents. With GPS technology, these trackers offer real-time updates on vehicle locations, enabling swift action in case of theft. Features like geofencing add an extra layer of security, alerting owners if their vehicle moves beyond designated boundaries.

Features of Our Car Trackers

Tailored to meet Faisalabad’s unique needs, AlphaTrack car trackers offer a range of functionalities designed for both individual car owners and businesses in the city:

Share Track Via Web & Mobile App: Easily share and monitor your vehicle’s location through web and mobile applications, ensuring constant awareness of its whereabouts.

GeoFence Call (Multiple Boundaries): Create multiple virtual boundaries (GeoFences) around key areas in Faisalabad. Receive call notifications if the vehicle enters or exits these zones, enhancing monitoring capabilities.

Engine Kill/Release Via Control Room and Mobile App: Remotely disable the engine through a control room or mobile app in case of theft, and reactivate it once the vehicle is secure, ensuring complete control over its operation.

Battery Temper Alert (Critical Alert via Call): Receive critical alerts via call notifications in case of any tampering with the vehicle’s battery, providing immediate warnings for security breaches.

History Backup (3 Years): Maintain a comprehensive backup of your vehicle’s historical data for up to three years, enabling analysis of long-term usage patterns and performance metrics.

Installation and Support in Faisalabad

AlphaTrack ensures a seamless installation process of car trackers in Faisalabad. With a network of skilled technicians covering the city, installation services are convenient and efficient, available at your doorstep. From the industrial zones of Sargodha Road to the residential areas around Canal Road, our coverage extends across Faisalabad, ensuring accessibility to our services citywide.

Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with inquiries and support needs, ensuring a smooth experience with AlphaTrack. Acquiring and setting up a car tracker with AlphaTrack in Faisalabad is designed to be hassle-free, ensuring your vehicle security system is operational without delay.

Different Uses of Car Trackers in Faisalabad

Traffic Management: Navigate through Faisalabad’s bustling streets more efficiently by utilizing car trackers to identify less congested routes in real time.
Fleet Management: Optimize business operations by monitoring and managing vehicle fleets with car trackers, ensuring maximum efficiency and fuel savings.
Theft Prevention: Combat vehicle theft with real-time tracking capabilities, facilitating the swift recovery of stolen vehicles.
Fuel Efficiency: Make informed decisions to improve fuel efficiency based on detailed performance reports, mitigating costs amidst fluctuating fuel prices.

In Faisalabad’s dynamic urban landscape, prioritizing vehicle security and efficiency is essential. AlphaTrack offers a reliable and technologically advanced solution to address these needs, allowing residents to navigate the city with confidence.

Embrace the security and convenience provided by AlphaTrack, and join the satisfied vehicle owners in Faisalabad who have benefited from our services. Visit our website or contact us to learn more and get started.

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