How To Maintain a Car Cheaply in Pakistan

You just bought a car. What now? Do the hard work, expense, and research end here?
Not at all! The real deal is maintaining your car once you have bought it. And, since we know how daunting this task can seem, it actually is quite easy … and cheap!

AlphaTrack brings you some of the cheaper ways to maintain your car while living in Pakistan – but don’t worry, this works for other places on the map as well! Without any further ado then, let us get right into it!

Air Filter!

One task that can definitely ease the load on your wallet is changing the air filter of the car yourself. It is quite an easy job, but one for which mechanics charge quite a bit!

The procedure is described in great detail in your car’s owner’s manual. An air filter should be changed typically every 15,000km-25,000km and is easily accessible in most cars. It is very easy and takes about five minutes.

Windshield Washer Fluid

This is another hack that you can do for yourself. It is cheap, easy, and very quick. All you have to it goes online and look for windshield washer fluid recipes.

Then, you can get under the hood of your car, find the logo with the wipers on it, and refill your windshield washer fluid.

Tire Inflation

Properly inflated tires result in not only a smoother ride but a better fuel economy too. Make sure the tires on your car are always filled up to the optimum level. This will save you money and make sure your car’s tires live a longer and better life.

Oil Changes

It is relatively easy to tell when your car is due for an oil change. All you have to do is use the dipstick in the engine and check the oil residue at its end – if the oil is losing viscosity, you are due for an oil change.

An oil change consists of two parts – replacing the oil filter and refilling the engine with newer oil. However, if the filter is in good condition, you may want to replace it the next time you change your oil.

All that needs to be done is, buying a new oil filter (only if your current one is getting old), and getting a new bottle of engine oil. The rest will be done by the mechanics at the workshop.

If you leave everything to them, they are likely to charge you a lot more for the added effort of getting the filter and a new bottle of engine oil.


Maintaining your own car can be very beneficial. A car needs more than just fuel to run smoothly. However, not all maintenance requires one to spend a lot of money.

Maintaining your car by yourself can help you know more about your car. And the more you know, the more you are better off. You could also recommend these tips to a friend and save their money, too!

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