Car Tracker Company in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, a bustling city located near the Pakistani capital Islamabad, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic importance. With a growing population and expanding urban landscape, Rawalpindi faces various challenges related to traffic management, security, and vehicle safety.

In such a dynamic environment, the need for reliable car-tracking technology becomes increasingly essential. AlphaTrack emerges as a trusted partner for Rawalpindi’s residents, offering advanced solutions to address these challenges and enhance overall safety and convenience.

Car Tracker Price in Rawalpindi


PKR 14,000 Only

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)



PKR 18,000 Only

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)


PKR 24,000 Only

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

Why Car Trackers are Essential in Rawalpindi?

Rawalpindi, being a major urban center, experiences heavy traffic congestion, increasing incidents of car theft, and navigation difficulties due to its complex road networks. AlphaTrack’s innovative car-tracking technology provides a comprehensive solution to these issues, offering real-time tracking, theft prevention, and optimized route planning features.

Features of Our Car Trackers

AlphaTrack’s car trackers are tailored to meet the specific needs of Rawalpindi’s residents, providing advanced features to enhance vehicle security and management:

Real-Time Tracking: Stay updated about your vehicle’s location at all times, facilitating quick recovery in case of theft and enabling efficient navigation through Rawalpindi’s bustling streets.

Theft Prevention: Receive instant alerts and notifications in case of any unauthorized attempts to start or move your vehicle, ensuring its safety and security.

Route Optimization: Navigate through Rawalpindi’s congested roads with ease using our route optimization features, minimizing travel time and fuel consumption.

High Surveillance: Benefit from enhanced security measures with high surveillance capabilities, including phone call alerts for suspicious activities and unauthorized movements.

Scheduled Reports: Gain valuable insights into your vehicle’s usage patterns with detailed reports delivered via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Mobile App Access: Stay connected to your vehicle on the go with our mobile app, allowing multiple users to monitor its status and ensuring seamless communication for families and businesses.

Different Uses of Car Trackers in Rawalpindi

Traffic Management: Optimize driving routes to avoid congestion and minimize travel time, enhancing overall efficiency and convenience.

Vehicle Security: Protect your vehicle against theft and unauthorized use with instant alerts and real-time tracking capabilities, enabling swift action to recover stolen vehicles.

Business Fleet Management: Monitor your fleet’s performance closely to ensure timely deliveries, optimize routes, and reduce operational costs.


Personal Safety: Enhance personal safety by keeping track of your vehicle’s location, especially during late hours or in unfamiliar areas.


In Rawalpindi’s dynamic urban landscape, safeguarding your vehicle’s safety and efficiency is essential. AlphaTrack stands as a reliable ally, offering comprehensive car-tracking solutions tailored to the city’s unique challenges. With advanced technology and steadfast support, AlphaTrack empowers you to navigate Rawalpindi’s streets with confidence and peace of mind. For further inquiries, visit our website or contact us without delay.

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