Proton X70 Review

Proton X70 Review – Its Variants, Features, And Prices

On December 18, 2020, Proton announced the release of their new SUV car, Proton X70. The vehicle’s release ceremony was held virtually, and prices and salient features of Proton X70 were revealed. 

It is believed that Proton’s X70 will be a great option in place for KIA Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson. Even though the Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage have 2000 CC engines, Proton claims that their 1500 CC engine in Proton X70 will surpass them both.

Proton X70 was also gifted to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan the previous year in December. This reference is taken from SAMAA.

Which Company is Proton?

Proton X70 Company

Proton Holdings is a giant vehicle manufacturing industry that was established in 1983. Furthermore, Proton Holdings is responsible for manufacturing many great cars throughout its history.

Proton is going to release their new cars in Pakistan in collaboration with the “Al-Haj.” Al-Haj is the manufacturers of FAW automobiles in Pakistan. 

This collaboration is said to be a good one, as it will increase Proton’s brand name significantly in Pakistan’s Auto Industry. 

Since Proton is a new company in Pakistan, it will have to pay fewer duties than already firm vehicle manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota because of Auto Development Policy 2016-21. Furthermore, it is the best time for new companies to launch their industry in Pakistan.

Proton X70 Review in Pakistan 2021

Proton X70 Review

Proton Holdings have announced the release of their Proton X70 in Pakistan on December 18, 2020. Furthermore, Proton Holdings announced that there would be two different variants for the same model.

  1. Proton X70 AWD Executive.
  2. Proton X70 FWD Premium.


Salient Features of Proton X70

  • Proton X70 will have 6 airbags.
  • It will also have ABS Brakes with Auto Brake Hold, Brake Assist, and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution).
  • Traction Control System (TSC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will give you more control over your vehicle.
  • The Advanced Driver Assistance (ADA) with lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, high auto beams, and blind-spot monitoring will give the driver good comfort and safety. The Proton X70 FWD Premium will also include Autonomous Braking. The autonomous braking system will scan the environment ahead of the car, and it will apply brakes automatically to avoid collision.
  • The Regular reverse camera is also added on the Proton X70 AWD Executive model, while the Proton X70 FWD Premium will have a 360-degree view camera.
  • The Proton X70 AWD Executive will have Halogen headlights with DRL, while the Premium model will get the LED adaptive headlights with auto dip.
  • A spoiler with stomp lamps, a standard wiper for the rear shield, and Roof Rails are also included.

Interior of Proton X70

Proton X70 Interior

  • The whole interior of the Proton X70 will be of Leather material, while the Proton X70 FWD Premium will have Flaunt Nappa Leather material exclusively.
  • The Panoramic Sunroof is also given on Proton X70. However, only the FWD Premium model will have it exclusively.
  • The Digital LCD will also be included in the dashboard cluster.
  • The Electronic Power Steering Wheel Control, Push-Button start with Immobilizer, Welcome Lights, Power Driver, Power Folding Mirrors, Power Windows, and Day & Night rearview mirror are also some premium features that the Proton X70 will feature.
  • Ventilated Electronic adjustable seats will give maximum comfort to the driver.
  • Dual Zone Climate Control with rear vents, Air Purification System, GKUI (Geely Smart Ecosystem), infotainment system which features cell phone connectivity for calling and music streaming will make the driver’s journey more creative.
  • Furthermore, eight speakers are featured in the Proton X70 AWD Executive; However, the Premium Model will get a Subwoofer and an Amplifier, and eight standard speakers.
  • The Proton X70 has a capacity for five people. Also, the 2nd-row seats can be folded to increase the capacity of the car.
  • A Power TailGate (The power tailgate is a motorized back hatch of the car that can open electronically) is added to the Proton X70 Base model to increase the driver’s ease and creativity. At the same time, the Premium model will also have a foot sensor.


The X70 is 4,519 mm in length, 1,831 mm in width, and 1,694 mm in height. Furthermore, it has 1,625 kilograms of total weight. Also, the Proton X70 will offer McPherson Multi-link rear and front suspensions.


The Proton X70 is said to have a 1500 CC 3 cylinder turbocharged engine. It is capable of producing 177hp and a torque of 225 nm. It also has Dual Clutch Transmission or DCI.


Its appearance has 19 inches Alloy Rims with a Panoramic Sunroof (only in Premium model) at the top. The vehicle also has TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed to monitor your tire pressure easily.

Proton X70 AWD Executive vs. FWD Premium – Differences

Proton X70 Awd Executive Vs. Fwd Premium

The Proton’s X70 will have two variants released in Pakistan. Both of them have several differences. The Proton FWD Premium Has the upper hand because of its more productive and creative features that can significantly ease the driver.


The Proton X70 comes with a five-year Warranty or 150,000 KM mileage of Warranty. The prices of the X70 are not yet confirmed. However, the costs will be very competitive for other SUV manufacturers in Pakistan. 

With all the premium quality features, the imported versions of Proton X70 AWD Executive is expected to have 4,890,000/- PKR (RS. 48 Lacs and 90 Thousand), and the Proton X70 FWD Premium is expected to have 5,390,000 PKR/- (RS. 53 Lacs and 90 Thousand).

The Al-Haj Automotives will start the manufacturing of the Proton X70 in Pakistan in the middle of 2021. This will further decrease the prices of cars exponentially.

After manufacturing the price for the Proton X70, AWD Executive will be decreased to 4,690,000/- PKR (RS. 46 Lacs and 90 Thousand), and the cost for FWD Premium will be reduced to 4,990,000/- PKR (RS 49 Lacs and 90 Thousand).


In conclusion, we would say that The Proton X70 is a great car. Upon distribution, it will shake the prices of all other vehicles in Pakistan.

All the premium features included in this car will give the driver more options for creativity, comfortability, and safety.

And speaking of safety. This car will grab the attention of everyone. It means the car thieves as well. There will soon be a great demand for this car among the people of Pakistan. And the thieves and mafias will try to get their hands on this car.

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