Is Car Tracking Safe in Pakistan?

Car Tracking using GPS has been in the market for quite a while. People prefer using car trackers in order to prevent theft. It is also a lot easier to trace your car and wherever it has been.

However, with technology quickly evolving, is car tracking even safe anymore? Thieves have figured out ways of overriding the security being provided by trackers and more often than not, have gotten away with it. That leaves us with the question: Is car tracking safe in Pakistan?

Car Tracking Problems

There are quite some issues that come with car tracking. For starters,

  1. GSM Tracking: If car-lifters use GSM trackers, the connection between the tracking device and the company is interrupted. These moments of blindness can cause the thieves to get away with their crimes. This is done using GSM jammers, and these are easily available on the market.
  2. A distinct lack of communication between tracking companies and the local police.
  3. The use of tracking devices that power up only when the car is on.
  4. A lack of training and know-how for consumers about how tracking devices work, etc.

In this situation, a revolution in the world of tracking devices was needed. Security is always a dire need, and any company taking responsibility for it would always be revered.

Enter AlphaTrack.

The security levels provided by AlphaTrack trackers are second to none. It is the safest you can get in order to ensure a safe tracking experience. It has hidden recorders that can be used to track down potential car-lifters, among other amazing safety features.
There is absolutely no breach of privacy and tracking happens precisely when it is needed. AlphaTrack has been in the business for over 20 years and that is why they are so good at what they do.


They have three different tracking product plans: a basic plan that costs 12,000 per year, a standard plan that costs 16,000 per year, and a premium package that is for 18000 a year.
All three plans have three features that are offered as standard:

  1. 24/7 Monitoring: Your vehicle will be looked after round the clock.
  2. Real-time tracking: You can see your vehicle and trace it as time passes. This helps in easier tracking and helps you take efficient action.
  3. Geo-Fence: This is when an app uses GPS (or other forms of telecommunication) to prompt a pre-programmed action when a device enters or exits a certain location, also known as a geofence.

There are several other features that are offered that ensure maximum levels of security. This is why AlphaTrack is the best in the business.
There a lot of other companies as well, but one must always vary from cheap GPS trackers because they can be overridden very easily. AlphaTrack offers maximum protection and has been the talk of the town for many years now.
This is reason enough to invest your money where you will get a lot of value for it. Be wise, choose AlphaTrack!

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