how to put tracker in car

How to put a tracker on a car?

Are you worried about the safety of your car? Are you looking for the best guide to put a tracker in your car? If yes, then this is the right place for you.

People are mostly worried about their cars being stolen. For that reason, most people try to put trackers in their cars. Trackers help track the location and speed of the car. Numerous reasons are there to install the tracker in your car. It can be for insurance purposes and can be security purposes etc.  But precisely, how do you attach your GPS tracker to the vehicle? So, that explains why you are here. Let’s start.

Installation of tracker in your car

To put a GPS tracker in your car, first of all, keep in mind the signals of your tracker. The GPS tracker should receive adequate GPS satellite and cellular signals.

You must follow these simple and easy steps to install a tracker in your car.

1. Decide where to put the GPS tracker in the car.

You can put a GPS tracker inside the dashboard, under the car, under the passenger seat, in the bumper, under carpets, in the sun visor, and it can be attached to the roof of the car.

2. Read the guidebook of the tracker.

Read the guidebook carefully, which is given with the device. It helps to understand the detailed description of the device.

3. Connect the Power Supply (If Required)

You can choose a GPS tracker that is wireless and powered by its own battery, plugs into the OBD port, or is hardwired to a reliable power source within your car. You will need to unscrew a few panels to find the ignition wire that will supply your GPS with steady power in three-wire systems. The battery’s negative terminal should be disconnected.

White is neutral, black is negative, and the red wire is positive. Make sure you loop each one into the appropriate location. Accessing the vehicle’s wiring diagram can make you more certain about your wiring placements.

4. Download tracking software on your smart phone.

Most GPS tracking devices work by using a smart phone app. You have to install a tracking application on your smart phone for that purpose. After following the instructions, you will be able to locate the location of your car.

5. Real-Time Tracking of Your Vehicle

Using the tracking device unit’s application, you may locate the GPS signal of your tracking device in real-time. You may now track the whereabouts of your vehicle at any time by using the app or communicating via SMS.


Installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle is a wonderful option if you want the peace of mind of always knowing where your car is. Vehicle tracking devices are beneficial if you reside where your vehicle is at risk of being stolen or for fleet management systems if you own a fleet of cars.





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