How to make GPS tracker for bike

Are you a biker? Are you looking to make a GPS tracker for your Bike? If yes, then this is the right place for you to get information.GPS vehicle tracker is used to track the location, speed of the bike. Nowadays lots of bikers use GPS trackers to prevent their bikes from theft.

In this article, you can find an easy way to make a GPS tracker for your bike from a smartphone.


Following these easy steps you have to follow to make a GPS tracker for your bike.

1. Locate the battery of the bike

GPS tracker devices do not have a battery, so you have to connect your bike battery to it. First of all, check the battery of the bike where it is. Some bikes have a battery in their front and some of the bikes have under the seat. Disconnect the battery with a screwdriver.

2. Open the GPS Tracker device

Open four screws of the GPS Tracker from its backside. Here you can find a sim card slot.

3.  Sim Card

Now you should have a sim card with a good internet connection. It should have a 2G or 3G network. The sim card with 4G sometimes does not work properly in the tracker

4.  Insert Sim card

Put the sim card in the sim card slot, close the GPS tracker, and fix all four screws of it.

5.  Connect wire

Take some wire. Connect one end with the GPS tracker and the other end with the battery of the bike. Make sure to connect it properly. The positive wire should be connected with the positive one and the negative wire should be with the negative wire.

6. Activation of the GPS Tracker

As the GPS tracker connects with the battery of the bike it starts by itself. On the device, you can find red, green, and blue light. The red color indicates the power of the GPS tracker. The green color indicates the signals of the network in the sim. While the blue color indicates the activation of the GPS tracker with the bike.

7. Place the GPS tracker

As the GPS tracker is connected to the battery, put the battery of the bike in its place before it was. Make sure the GPS tracker also fits in the battery place.

8. Check the location on your Smartphone

After the activation of the GPS tracker, you can easily check the location of the bike on your smartphone.


In modern life, vehicles are necessary to travel. Bikes are one of them. To avoid any theft GPS trackers are used by the bikers. These GPS trackers are helpful to track the bike’s location and speed. To install the GPS tracker on your bike, you have to follow the steps accordingly.

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