How Does A Vehicle Tracking Device Work?

how does a vehicle tracking device work

Picture that you could track the whereabouts of your car at any given time and from any part of the globe. This is what vehicle tracking devices do. Be it a businessman who monitors his delivery trucks, a parent who wants to keep a tab on the teenager behind the wheel, or any individual who does not want their car to be stolen, these devices are a handy and effective means. But how they are effectively designed? It is now time to look into the actual technology of vehicle tracking devices.

The Basics of Vehicle Tracking Devices

In simple terms, a vehicle tracking device is described as a device that utilizes GPS technology to identify the exact location of a specific vehicle. These devices are normally compact in design and it would be quite possible to install them in any car, truck, or motorcycle. On installation, the device connects with a network of satellites that helps to locate it in the exact place.

How GPS Works

GPS is a network of satellites that orbit the Earth. Such satellites are always emitting signals that are then received by GPS receivers such as those in car tracking gadgets. The GPS receiver can work out the position of the vehicle by receiving signals from more than one satellite. The information is then transferred to a main server where the data is analyzed and archival storage is provided.

The Role of Cellular Networks

GPS is an important tool to identify the location of the vehicle, but it is required to find a method through which it can inform the user regarding its location. This is where cellular networks come into play. Every car tracking device comes with its own SIM card just like the one that is in a mobile phone. This SIM card enables the device to transfer data through cellular networks to a principal server. In this way, you can use a computer or application on a smartphone to track the position of the automobile in real time.

Real-Time Tracking and Historical Data

There are various features within vehicle tracking devices; however, one very important feature is that of real-time tracking. This means it will be possible, for instance, to determine at a given time the position of the vehicle on the map, as well as evaluate such parameters as its velocity and moving direction. Besides, such devices have real-time and historical data-recollecting abilities. This helps to have a look at previous trips which can be very essential, especially for companies that are into fleet management.

Geofencing and Alerts

Another feature that is considered while using vehicle tracking devices is geofencing. Geofencing means you create a virtual fence on the map. There will also be a notification as soon as the vehicle passes these limits. It can turn out to be quite helpful, especially for parents who wish to be guaranteed that their children will not wander off a particular region or firms that desire to monitor their vehicles.

Additional Features

The advancement in technology has made it possible for modern vehicle tracking devices to have extra features to improve the level of security for the vehicle and convenience for the driver. Some have features like remote control immobilization that would enable you to cut off the car if stolen. Some offer update notifications, fuel status, and driving habits to enhance on safety and efficiency of the vehicle.

Installation and Setup

Installation of the vehicle tracking device is often very simple. Often there is an instruction manual accompanying most of these devices and most, if not all, could be fitted by the owners hassle-free. Some wirelessly connected devices can be connected to the vehicle battery, while others have their batteries included for the customers’ comfort. Afterward, to initiate tracking, you have to power on the device and create an account.


Vehicle tracking systems are an effective solution to increase reliable safety and management of the vehicle. They make use of GPS technology and cellular networks to offer current places, past places, and other services such as geofencing and notifications. Be you a businessman who wants to make the most out of your fleet, a parent who worries about your child’s driving, or a person who simply wants to be safe, a vehicle tracking device can be really helpful. Easy to install and has many perks, it is the reason why such devices are becoming ever so popular. Thus, vehicle tracking devices are a wise investment in improved safety and organization as well as in precious time. That way, if you decide to use them, you know how they operate and can work effectively with them.

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