Frequently Asked Questions?

We are available 24/7 on call. To get our Vehicle Tracking Services, you can directly reach us by a call or write us an email. On prompt action, our teams will coordinate and get the car tracker installed with instant service usage credentials; you can call us @ 0341 4431234, and if you are dialing outside Pakistan, use the country code with number +92 341 4431234; you can write us an email at 

Upon confirmation of the order, our technical team visits your location and inspects your vehicle. You have to call us or write us an email rest is our duty to serve you with quality tracking services to make your vehicle more secure. 

Our team can install a tracker in 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on vehicle and location.

Alpha Track is a world-leading GPS Car Tracking Solutions provider; you can access our Tracking portal anywhere in the world at the alpha track. Pk/login from any browser, and for a quick view, you can download our application from Play Store if you are using Android Phone and from App Store if you are using iOS.  

Yes Indeed! We Provides a two-year warranty claim if the installed device gets malfunctions & stops working during the previous tenure. However, a car tracker warranty will not be claimed if external factors like vehicle wiring, maintenance work, or any damage caused its reason.

AlphaTrack believes in Customer Satisfaction! We give a money-back guarantee if any customer is unhappy with the tracking services or it is not up to their expectations. At first glance, we have a team of professionals who try to satisfy the customer by offering tailored solutions; if the customer is still unsatisfied, he has to return the GPS Tracking device with all its accessories by hand or courier. The company will cut only the installation cost with cellular services and shipping with handling charge only and return the remaining to the customer.   

No, AlphaTrack provides complete solutions to its customers. There is nothing new that you have to buy or manage separately. Our solution comes with full hardware accessories & software, you just need a computer system or an Android/IOS Mobile phone for continuous monitoring. Further, you can call our helpline numbers to get more information.

No, the Car Tracking devices comes with a small inner battery with a backup of 18-24 hours, and it directly takes power from the vehicle battery.  

No GPS Tracking device is a small and efficient device with a minimum 3.7 V 170 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, which consumes significantly less battery. On the other hand, it has the 'GO TO SLEEP' function, which takes the device to sleep mode when it detects no activity for 1-2 hours.  

Yes, the Our car trackers take the same voltage and ampere from every vehicle to be installed in all types of vehicles. This includes Class 1-3 passenger cars and light-duty trucks, Class 4-6 medium-duty and light-heavy duty trucks, and Class 8 heavy-duty trucks.

Being a Leading GPS car tracker Company, Alpha Track Tracking System and its hardware work worldwide. It does not matter which vehicle & country; we can work around the globe.

Our GPS Car Tracking System has strict surveillance and triggering capacity. If anybody tampers, tries to remove the tracker, or there is any power-Cut. Our device can detect, start and generate intimation alerts via SMS, and a high-priority notification is also sent to our Control Room; Our on duty team will make you call and inform you. 

Our GPS Tracking System supports multiple geofences in multiple areas—any time you can request to put various geofences.  

AlphaTrack uses qualified & tested devices; the device's hardware is efficient enough to update locations in 30 seconds to 1, 2, and 5 minutes, depending on your package. Speed and geofence intervals take a minimum of 30 seconds, showing the exact speed from the point with the time taken by GPS Device. Geofence alerts have the same time interval & 300-500 meters by coordinates.   

Yes, you can access your vehicle history for up to 1 year from your Mobile App/Web Access directly. However, you can also check your data beyond one year (365 days) by calling/contacting our Control Room staff for further assistance. 

Yes, you can install a Tracking device in your vehicle without letting information about it to anyone. During the service agreement, you can further request to make it more secret, i.e., not identifiable to anyone. Our team makes sure the secrecy & confidentiality of your services.  

1. First of all AlphaTrack will identify the stolen activity promptly and inform you about the current location and status, then

2. You have to call the police @ 15 and report the theft instantaneously with the updated location and take your Report Ref Number.  

3. Our HR Control Room 24/7 available on 0336-2227799 & we will guide you and kill the engine promptly to recover your vehicle.  


4. then let us know at customer support at 0336-2227799 

helpline so we can further assist you with the vehicle location and kill the engine. Our representative will help throughout your vehicle recovery.  


For customer service inquiries, please email: 

Yes, of course, we are promising real-time tracking. It is accurate because it is possible as GPS Tracking Device works on GSM Signals-based functionality. All our SIMs are 4G Data Services and are enabled to provide quick transmission of communication between device and software. Within 30 seconds of allowed updates, you get a 'real-time tracking' experience.  

Only you can access and get information on your vehicle's movement or location if you share your credentials with anyone. We are a premier car tracking company, and ensuring client privacy is our first duty. 

You can check your vehicle's location 24/7 by sitting anywhere through your mobile phone, a computer system having internet connections, or by calling our Control Room. Ensuring 24/7 access to your vehicle is the premier duty of AlphaTrack. 

You will get a Prompt Call and SMS. AlphaTrack Car Tracking System enables strong communication, monitoring & surveillance system, which identifies the speed limits and geofences immediately, and Control Room will call you for further assistance/action. Car Tracking is an essential part of your vehicle you should take care of.  

AlphaTrack developed its software after a deep analysis of customer needs. We evaluated our competitor's platform to drive significant rival advantage and integrated it with updated technology to ensure the best car tracking experience. Furthermore, we would be grateful and happy to know your feedback to update and enhance the excellent customer experience at Alpha Car Track.