Debunking Myths About Car Trackers

Debunking Myths About Car Trackers and Security Systems in Pakistan

Pakistan may be the world’s most diverse country in terms of climate, geography, and population. The increasing population is causing the roads to get over crowded as well. Now with the current economic challenges, Car owners in Pakistan may feel vulnerable to accident as well as theft.

Nevertheless, the words on the street has it: people are feeling vulnerable and at the same time, questioning the vitality of a car tracker in Pakistan. There are a lot of myths we have heard about car trackers including that they’re battery consuming, highly expensive and whatnot.

This article, therefore, sets out to clarify the misconceptions behind these myths and take a subtly nuanced look at what role car trackers and their advanced technology play in a country like Pakistan’s unique environment. A country where pervasive theft rates are rising with each passing day:

Myth: Car trackers are only for expensive vehicles

Debunked: Offering security benefits to all vehicles, regardless of their retail price, car trackers level the playing field. In Pakistan and throughout a variety of model labels and makes of vehicles where car theft becomes an issue, installing a car tracker becomes an option because with smart twits, stolen cars can later be recovered. Do the cost-benefit analysis by yourself, consider the financial setback a car tracker is saving you from!

Myth: Car trackers are too expensive

Debunked: Some advanced car tracking systems may have a high upfront cost, but the long-term benefits must still be weighed against this expenditure. In Pakistan, there are many tracking devices within both budget and price levels; while people often justify the investment in a car tracker from savings on insurance premiums. Furthermore, while the initial outlay is very expensive, that price is more than offset by an increased probability of recovering a stolen vehicle.

Did you know that Alphatrack offers yearly car tracker subscription in just PKR 18000/-? That’s just PKR 1500/- in a month! Myth BUSTED!

Myth: Installing and using car trackers is difficult

Debunked: Car trackers are usually very easy to use as they are equipped with simple, user-friendly auto-tracking systems. You can easily install the unit by hiring professionals or doing it yourself at home, with interfaces all displaying only the finest minimalist graphics that anyone can understand. Complete customer support is available throughout the process, and all software-compatible customer-oriented sites are aimed at users who have never used them before but are anxious to become accustomed as swiftly as possible.


Myth: Car trackers are an invasion of privacy

Debunked: Mainly, car trackers are focused on the vehicle’s whereabouts, real-time location data, and its movement. In Pakistan, these systems play a major role in security enhancement and recovery assistance without any intrusion on the life of individuals when used responsibly… The collected data is usually confined to vehicle information.

Myth: Car trackers are useless in rural areas

Debunked: Although, the actual terrain can hinder the strength of a GPS signal. However, modern technology has, for the most part, worked around the issue. In the less urbanized areas of Pakistan, some car trackers are using a blend of GPS and cellular networks, offering more thorough coverage, and thus, they are effective.

Myth: With a car security system, it’s impossible for you to get your car stolen

Debunked: A car security system and car trackers make total theft prevention very likely, though, unfortunately, it isn’t a sure bet. But these are very handy pieces of security in that they can often deter would-be usurpers, and they can keep both the cops and the owner informed so that he can be both protecting his investment and increasingly likely to recover it, thus minimizing the risk of successful theft.

Myth: Car trackers are only necessary for areas with high crime rates

Debunked: Car theft is not a problem limited to high-crime areas in Pakistan. A vehicle doesn’t need to be located in an area with a high crime rate for the car theft rate to be high so that a car tracker could be useful regardless of the local crime rate. In actuality, installing a tracker in an area with a lower crime rate is a proactive measure, making it an effective deterrent to thieves that may be operating in a less crime-riddled area solely because it is seen as an easier target by thieves that plan to steal vehicles regardless of the general crime rate for the area.

Did you know that car trackers hold vitality in even the fundamental road safety and accident prevention? If you wish to know how, go read our blog on the “Role played by car trackers in road safety and accident prevention in Pakistan.”

Myth: Car trackers make your car vulnerable to hackers

Debunked: This may have been possible at one time, but car trackers from reputable manufacturers protect themselves. Cybersecurity concerns are proactively addressed, thanks to technological advancements. This typically includes security measures, like encryption, that keep unauthorized users from accessing the system. Regular updates to the tracker’s software ensure it remains as secure as possible. These reputable systems adhere to established security standards, so the system itself isn’t a major vulnerability.

Myth: Car trackers burn through your car’s battery rapidly

Debunked: This might have been true for older trackers, but newer systems are designed to be energy efficient. They have minimal impact on battery life, drawing very little power to operate.

This not only enhances its security but also makes real savings possible every month by ensuring your car’s ideal health.


In summary, Pakistani car owners should, by all means, subscribe for a car tracker for the peace of their mind. And no, the thieves will not steal the car tracker the first thing – in that case, your tracker will notify you by sending emergency alerts!

In addition to that, far from being an imposition upon the driver or other users of the car, car trackers and security systems are invaluable help in the fight against theft. This contributes not only to ensuring vehicle security but also radically changes the overall security landscape in Pakistan. The advancement of automotive technology also must advance our understanding, whereas our vehicles are to be protected in this dynamic and ever-changing environment of today’s Pakistan.

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