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Analyzing the Cost-Benefit of Investing in High-End Car Trackers in Pakistan

We all understand that car trackers do not generate any revenue after getting installed in our cars. So, how can one justify this investment when such gadgets and their installation do not generate any revenue for us directly? The answer lies in the benefits of GPS car tracking systems, increased productivity, reduced long-term expenses, and car theft risk mitigation. All of this ultimately translates into revenue gains.

Thus, in this blog, we will conduct a simple cost-benefit analysis to underscore the significance of purchasing and installing a car tracker in Pakistan. Political unrest, uncertainties, and inflation play a vital role in Pakistan nowadays, making car tracking systems – an ultimate need for car owners. We will also explore the savings aspect of a car tracking system in Pakistan in light of safety, visibility and surveillance. So, without further ado, let’s slip right into it.

Cost-benefit analysis of a car tracking system in Pakistan

Let us begin by taking you back – just a year. It’s April 2023, and you live in Islamabad, Pakistan. Now, according to the data derived from DAWN news, Islamabad residents were deprived of over 649 vehicles, accounting for the loss of up to 27 Million PKR. This alarming situation in the federal capital of Pakistan has sparked concerns about the security of one’s vehicle – even in the federal capital, which is considered the safest city in Pakistan.

Punjab police website further provided data on car thefts throughout the province and guess what – they had been able to recover only 70 vehicles out of the 649 stolen ones. And this is just one example from one city of Pakistan, so let’s leave Lahore and Karachi afar as the situation is much more uncertain in those cities.

It must be remembered that the true extent of car thefts and burglaries happening across Pakistan is difficult to access due to the underreporting of these instances. However, that does not mean that your vehicle is safe even in your own parking lot.

So, let’s move on to the cost-benefit analysis of installing a car tracking device in your car, considering the current political unrest, inflation, and uncertainty in Pakistan. First, let’s look at the costs associated with the purchase, subscription, and maintenance of a car tracker in Pakistan:

Costs of a car tracking system in Pakistan

  1. Car tracker subscription cost:In recent times, Pakistan’s currency has reached an all-time low several times. Thus, the longer you wait, the more you are risking the hardware inflating in price due to the devaluation of local currency. In addition to that, you may also want to consider the subscription plans for the tracker.
  2. Installation and maintenance:Inflation is also rapidly influencing labor costs throughout the country. Thus, when it comes to installation and maintenance of a car tracking device, you can rely on one of the packages offered by the best car tracking device providers in Pakistan to conserve the costs.

And that’s about it – these are all the costs associated with the purchase, subscription and installation of a car tracking device in Pakistan.

Did you know that if you are subscribing to one of the packages from Alphatrack, the yearly subscription fee will be about 18,000 PKR (that makes 1500 PKR a month if divided; that’s not a huge cost – is it?)? What’s more? If you consider the renewal, that would cost you only 10,000 PKR for a year (if you pick our standard subscription package)

Now let’s move on to the wide range of benefits it offers in exchange for these two sets of costs:

Benefits of a car tracking system in Pakistan

  1. Fuel efficiency: In a country that in experiencing inflation, fuel costs become volatile. In Pakistan, for example, the fuel costs go up and down every next month. And the change isn’t an ignorable amount; the volatility is significant. Car trackers can assist in improving fuel efficiency by optimizing the daily routes and offering geofencing.
  2. Operational streamlining: Car trackers can contribute significantly to operational efficiency by offering real-time route planning data. This efficiency becomes crucial in times of uncertainty, for example, political unrest or public protests, when disruptions may occur.
  3. Enhanced vehicle safety: In times of unrest, ensuring your vehicle’s safety becomes paramount. If you have a car tracker installed in your car, chances are you will recover your vehicle using real-time tracking.
  4. Vehicle recovery: Since you have the real-time tracking data, there are high chances that your vehicle can be recovered. This recovery can either happen through police investigation or proactively responding to the situation, therefore minimizing the financial loss.
  5. Insurance discounts: Insurance providers readily provide discounts for vehicles that have a tracking system equipped. This becomes crucial in times of uncertainty and instability because the risk of theft and financial losses is higher. Proactive measures help you positively influence insurance premiums.

Key Takeaways:

In conclusion, Pakistan is facing a hard time during these times of uncertainty and political unrest. In times like these, burglaries and thefts become a common course, therefore, fostering financial risks to the hardworking ones. While car trackers may come with fixed as well as ongoing subscription costs, the costs are never as high as losing your vehicle in car theft.

On top of that, car trackers offer valuable benefits that save you from financial losses and thefts by enhancing your car’s security and helping you leverage insurance discounts. So, if you want to safeguard your vehicle, don’t worry about the cost of car tracker installation in your car – trust us, we kept it as minimal as possible! Contact us today and get one step closer to mitigating the risk of high financial losses.


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