Bike Security System With Mobile in Pakistan

bike security system with mobile in pakistan

In our daily life we use various means of transportation in which bike is one of them. It’s a valuable asset that need particular security as well. In Pakistan People suffered from the issues like theft of bike etc, are so common. Would you like to protect your bike from theft? If yes then this guide is helpful for you to provide security hacks that will help you to improve your bike security system with mobile in Pakistan.

Table of content

  • What are Bike Security Systems?
  • How Do They Work?
  • Key Features:
  • How to Get Bike Tracker
  • Conclusion

What are Bike Security Systems?

Bike security systems are devices that are specifically designed to enhance the security of your bike. It uses advanced technology, including GPS, to safeguard your bike against theft. They come with sensors and bike security alarms that trigger when there’s unauthorized movement or tampering with your bike. With mobile connectivity, you can monitor your bike’s status and receive instant alerts directly on your smartphone once your bike is found in illegal activity like you can monitor your kids while they are doing over speeding etc.

How Do They Work?

These security systems are also named as Bike alarm system because it uses Global positioning system (GPS) to track your bike’s real-time location and with the help of your mobile apps you can connect your mobile with these security alarms. These devices enable you to get notification when someone tries to steal your bike or move it without your permission, the system detects this and sends an alert to your mobile phone. Some systems even allow you to immobilize your bike remotely, making it impossible for thieves to drive away.

Key Features

Real-time Tracking

You can pinpoint your bike’s location at any time using a recommended mobile application. This feature is particularly useful if your bike gets stolen

Movement Alerts

You can Receive instant notifications on your mobile if your bike is moved without your permission or your bike is getting over speeded.


One of the best functions is Geo fencing that allow you to Set virtual boundaries for your bike. If your bike moves beyond these Limits then you’ll get an notification alert

Remote Immobilization

Some advanced systems enable you to remotely shut down the engine, preventing thieves from driving your bike away

Tamper Alerts

Get alerted if someone tries to tamper with the security system.

Mobile App Control

Control and monitor your bike’s security features, speed, and real time location directly from your smartphone

How to Get bike Tracker system

In this age of technology, we can easily protect our bike by various tracking devices that mainly included some bike tracker devices, some mobile applications etc. consider all these factors while choosing your bike security devices.


Do research on internet and visit the various websites that offer bike tracker services Like Alphatrack, Trackinghub etc. And check their customers reviews and compare the features

Local Electronics Stores

Visit local electronics or automotive accessory stores in your area. The staff there might be able to guide you to the latest and best available option.

Social Media and Forums

Check social media platforms and online forums related to biking and automotive accessories. Members of these communities often share their experiences and recommendations regarding security systems

Installation and Support

You need to check the installation and support services of the company you decide on when you decide to purchase the Bike security alarm. Also, you can give them a call to inquire about their installation services. You should consider choosing another company if they are unwilling to provide you with comfortable services.


Cost is the final factor that is considered by the customer while purchasing a bike security alarm system. Compare the prices of different security systems and consider any additional subscription fees for monthly and annual services. Make sure to factor in the overall cost before making a decision.

Bike security trackers start at 1000 PKR per month and go up to 2000 PKR per month on average. Different companies offer different bike tracker prices; some have monthly subscription plans, and some offer annual options for their users. You can also review the car tracker prices plan if you have a vehicle other than a bike.


As a result of in-depth insight into this issue, it is easy to conclude that investing in bike security systems, particularly with mobile connectivity systems, is the recommended decision. Knowing that your bike can be monitored anywhere will protect your valuable assets and give you peace of mind.

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